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Power adapter

1. Overview

* HUR4101XR is designed as HGU (Home Gateway Unit) in different FTTH solutions. The carrier-class FTTH application provides data and video service access.
*HUR4101XR is based on mature and stable, cost-effective XPON technology. It could switch automatically into EPON mode or GPON mode when access to the EPON OLT and GPON OLT.

*HUR4101XR adopts high reliability, easy management, configuration flexibility and good quality of service guarantees to meet the technical performance of EPON Standard of China Telecom CTC3.0 and GPON Standard of ITU-TG.984.X

2. Functional Feature
*Support EPON/GPON mode and switch mode automatically

*Support Route mode for PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP and Bridge mode
*Support IPv4 and IPv6 Dual mode
*Support 2.4G&5.8G WIFI and Multiple SSID
*Support SIP Proctol for Voip Service
*Support CATV interface for Video Service and remote control by Major OLT
*Support LAN IP and DHCP Server configuration
*Support Port Mapping and Loop-Detect
*Support Firewall function and ACL function
*Support IGMP Snooping/Proxy multicast feature
*Support TR069 remote configuration and maintenance
*Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system



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