In Stock infrared Gun Temperature Fever Digital Ear And Forehead Thermometer

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1.Operation Instructions:
(1).Safety instructions and precautions
• Working environment: (10-40) ° C; relative humidity is RH≤85%, no condensation; the air pressure is within the range of (70~106) kPa.
• Storage environment: (0-50) ° C; relative humidity is not more than 93%RH, no condensation; the air pressure is within the range (70-106) kPa.
• This product does not suit for monitoring application.
• This product is not waterproof, so do not dip it into water or other liquid. Wen cleaning it, dampen slightly a cotton swab with alcohol to rub display, the probe as well as the shell, and then
dry it with another clean cotton swab instead of any detergent. Keep this thermometer far from sunshine, where it is dry and dust free, with the temperature within the range of (10-40) ° C (50-104)°F. In the case that the probe or the thermometer itself seems to be damaged, discard it. Don’t try to repair the apparatus if it is ruined. Just contact the closest service center.
• This product consists of high precision parts. Do Not drop it to the floor! Keep it safe from strong impact and shock.
• Do not twist the thermometer and probe!
• If the part of your body suffers with inflammation, injury or recovers soon after a surgery. Do not use the product on it.(2).Warning
• Be sure to place this infrared thermometer far from children’s reach.
• Using the infrared thermometer doesn’t take the place of doctor’s help. Once the measurement readings are higher than 37.5 ° C (99.5 ° F), it is suggested you should go to see a doctor
• This infrared thermometer is no waterproof! NEVER place it into any liquid.
• Remove the batteries in the case that the product will not be used for a prolonged period of time
2.1 Multiple purposes
This non-contact infrared thermometer can be applied to the forehead. The forehead temperature range is from 32 ° C through 42.5 ° C (89.6-108.5 ° F).
2.2 Portable for easy handling
•Distinctive ergonomic design make it easy to use.
• It imposes no negative effect on your daily life if you use it to take the forehead temperature of your sleeping baby.
•For children, this product is more comfortable than anal thermometer, easier than mouth thermometer, and more flexible than those mono-mode infrared thermometer.
2.3 Safe and healthy
• There is no risk of broken glass or swallowing mercury inside the traditional thermometer.
• It absolutely secure to be used on children.
2.4 Access to multiple memory values
User can enable the Memory mode to access to multiple memory values, so as to track the temperature changes effectively.
2.5 Fever warning
This machine can set the warning temperature, when the measured reading exceeds the set value, it can give an alarm.
3. Major parts of the product:
This product consists of shell, temperature sensor, control circuit, LCD display, (optional LED backlight) and buzzer.

4.Technical parameters:

Measuring Mode Forehead temperature: (32-42.5) ℃/(89.6-108.5) ℉.
Product size 149*95*44MM
N.G 172g
Packing size 350*550*359MM (60PCS/CTN)
Measure time 1s
Auto shutdown 10 seconds automatically shut down
Memory Total 32 records
Working environment (10-40)℃, RH≤85%
Storage Temperature: (0~50)℃(32~122) ℉ RH≤85%, Air pressure(70-106) kPa
Measuring area Forehead
Power supply DC 1.5v x2 (2AAA 7#)
Accessories Instruction Manual x 1, Battery x 2(AAA)
5.Maintenance and precautions
Keep the sensor as well as the inner cavity, otherwise the measurement accuracy may be affected.
Cleaning method:
A.Clean the Surface: Use a clean soft cloth or cotton swab dipped with a bit of medical alcohol or water to rub the dirty spots.
B.The sensor and the inner cavity: Use a clean soft cloth or cotton swab dipped with a bit of medical alcohol to rub the cavity and the sensor top. Don’t use the product until the sensor is completely dry.6.Tips
Since the product is used repeatedly, be sure to clean it each time after use;
Prior to using the product, read thoroughly the Instruction Manual, and make sure the batteries have been properly installed
It is forbidden to place the thermometer into any liquid or use it in extra-high or low temperature environment for a long time;
Do Not impact, drop the unit or place it together with sharp articles. Do Not disassemble it on your part.
Do Not use the unit in surrounding with strong electronic and magnetic interference;
Keep the thermometer that far from little children’s reach;
It is suggested that user practise using unit enough times in order to master the usage. Avoid modifying the defaulted settings at the factory;
The measurement results can not take place of medical diagnosis;
During use no special maintenance is necessary. In the case certain failure occurs, contact the dealer or manufacturer.
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